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Break Free From Acne Breakouts: Zinc’s Role in Acne Treatment


Zinc Oxide is among the essential factors in sunscreen formulations. It was preventing skin damage and is well known for its outstanding sunlight protection capacities. It’S the most secure as well as best component that protects the skin against long wave UVA rays.

Sunlight Damage by UV Beams

The sun rays are included of two kinds of ultraviolet radiation – UVB and UVA.

The UVA rays penetrate deep within the skin surface and result in damage to the elastic tissues thereby hastening the procedure for photoaging (skin aging as an effect of sunlight exposure). It raises the danger of skin cancer like melanoma and also weakens the immune system.

UVB rays hurt the DNA structure of the skin cells and damage the upper most epidermis layer of the skin. It is because they support the formation of oncogenes, genes that transform normal cells into malignant cells; that contributes to basal or squamous cell cancer.

Skincare Advantages of Zinc Oxide

Zinc is an incredibly vital element for healthy skin. Besides sunlight protection, it also helps with the treatment of acne and is useful for wound healing, functions as an astringent. Here are the ingredient’s possible skincare advantages.

Sun Protection
Zinc oxide provides exceptional protection against short wave UVA radiation, long wave UVA and UVB. , it’s the sole ingredient that protects against all three forms of radiation. Wound Healing
Oral nutritional supplements in addition to external treatments of zinc oxide help to cure wounds. It helps with surgical incisions, skin ulcers, bed sores, sun burns and other skin discomforts. Zinc is required by the body for the synthesis of collagen, which is, therefore, in charge of the healing of wounds. Zinc is, in addition, needed by the body for the correct function of enzymes that further work to mend wounds.

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