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Folliculitis Treatment

Folliculitis is an infection of hair follicles caused mainly by bacteria. It appears everywhere on the skin, in places either due to abrasion or shaving from clothes. Common places where you can get folliculitis contain face, torso, underarms, legs, scalp and back.

Reddish rash, itchy skin, pus- crusted over lesions following the pus has drained a number of the common symptoms of folliculitis.

Folliculitis ought to be treated promptly. It may clear up on its own in about ten days if a mild case is it. In moderate instances using a moisturiser featuring an antibacterial agent, might help clear it up. However, if the issue continues it is best to see with your physician.

The physician makes his analysis predicated on look of the lesions as well as the rash as well as the treatment is dependent upon the reason for the rash. In serious instances the doctor may also prescribe some antibiotic pills, although if it’s simply localised he will prescribe you antibiotic lotions and ointments in the event of a bacterial disease and antifungal creams for a fungal infection.

Besides the antibiotics treatment, there are a number of natural treatments accessible for folliculitis. There are natural remedy publications available that help provide you with a folliculitis free life and to treat folliculitis. In addition, there are specific home remedies (specific changes in your everyday action) that are not complex and could be extremely valuable in moderate instances of folliculitis. Let’s discuss these home remedies in detail:

— Put a warm, damp washcloth in the affected place many times a day.
— Use itchy skin to soothe.
— Wash the contaminated are softly two times a day with an antibacterial soap.
— Avoid shaving irritated skin.
— To help a carbuncle or boil burst and empty more rapidly, apply a soft material soaked to the affected region in warm salted water for about 30 minutes many times a day.

But, the ideal way to treat folliculitis will be to make sure that you don’t get it, recall ‘precaution is much better than cure’. To lead a folliculitis free life keep your skin clean, avoid damaging the hair follicles and wear loose clothing that don’t chafe the skin.

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